Choosing an Automatic Espresso Machine

By 13.23

A coffee machine is a piece of equipment that is a necessity to open a café, restaurant or even just a simple coffee takeaway spot. There are many brands and types that are available in the market for customers to choose from. From manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic machine, each have their own pros and cons in its operations.

One of the automatic espresso machines available in the market now is offered by Severin, a German company with history spanning from 1892. The Piccola automatic Espresso machine offers many functions which makes it easy for us to make the drink of your choice from Espressos to Cappuccinos with only a touch of a button.

With a power requirement of 1600 watts, the Piccola also has a 1.5 litre water tank in addition to its grinder as well as an automatic water flow control when making your drink. With these features, the end user does have less of an influence in deciding the final flavor of the espresso.

This machine is also equipped with automatic cleaning features that can clean and remove coffee scale from its boiler. Of course, a fully automatic machine cannot make the perfect espresso machine. To the coffee lover with a discerning tongue then you would share the same opinion.

If you are looking an espresso machine of the automatic type or you already own something similar, make sure to follow the following tips:

1. Make sure the machine has a grinder built in. With a grinder, you can enjoy a fresher cup of coffee.

2. Make sure the machine allows you to adjust the fineness of its grinding as well as an automatic water flow control.

3. Always use good and fresh coffee.

4. Only use coffee beans during consumption, leaving very little in the machine over a long period of time. Coffee beans are very sensitive towards oxygen and heat which the machine may produce after extended usage. (Alexander)

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